Offline Data Entry

Manage Data Services has successfully offered error free offline data entry services to its clientele spread across the globe. The employees at Manage Data Services possess great expertise in handling multiple offline data entry requirements.

The trend of outsourcing offline data entry projects to offshore data entry companies helps reducing overall cost and time of organizations and businesses; has proved its worth. Organizations and businesses houses instead; utilize these resources to focus on core business competencies in a sustainable manner.

Enlisted find Offline Data Entry Service Offered at Manage Data Services:

  • Re-typing of Documents
  • Word Processing Letters Typing
  • Typing Lease Agreement in Word
  • Prepare Word Version of Hard Copy Documents
  • Printed Names and Addresses keying into a database
  • Consutruction / Building Survey typing from Handwritten Notes
  • Cleansing and Updating Lists of Clients for Insurance, Retails & Businesses
  • Outsource Data Entry and Bookkeeping Work
  • Re-type from PDF version to Word Doc form
  • Financial Documents / Credit Cards Statements Entry to Excel
  • Book Typing into Word Document
  • Insurance Claim Forms Entry
  • Energy and Utility Data Entry
  • Banking Documents Data Entry
  • Automotive / Automobile Details Entry
  • Data Entry from files and Documents
  • Books and Manuscripts Data Entry
  • Medical Records and Documents Entry
  • Insurance Claims Forms Entry
  • Office Documents Data Entry
  • Accounting Documents Data Entry Service
  • Offline Forms Data Entry
  • PDF Data Entry
  • Billing Data, Receipts, Payroll Data, Invoice Data Entry
  • Birth or Death Records Entry
  • Legal, Financial Documents Data Entry
  • Business Data Entry
  • Business Card Entry
  • Yellow Pages Data Entry etc

Professional data keyers and data typing professionals working for Manage Data Services are capable of entering textual, alphanumeric and numeric data into various software, databases, word files, MS Excel and image data entry meeting quality benchmarks agreed upon with our clients.

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