Catalogue Data Conversion

Catalogue Data Conversion Services in India

Manage Data Services is a professional data conversion and back office data processing services company. We have serving clients in Italy, United Kingdom, and the United States and other countries. Our catalogue conversion services are ideal for businesses with an investment in printed or paper catalogues or electronic catalogues in aging or inapplicable formats that no longer serve your business needs. Catalog conversion services can help you to achieve your goal of creating the right electronic or web version of a catalogue without the expense of starting over.

Manage Data Services catalogue Data Conversion Services cater to diverse requirements:

  • Images – JPG, GIF, TIFF, PDF, PowerPoint, Hard copy catalogue photos, Graphics, Illustrations and Charts
  • Product specifications
  • Product descriptors
  • Shipping fees
  • Categorization and search terms for catalogue items
  • Word processing and document warehousing
  • Capturing and keying images
  • Implementing changes in product catalogs
  • Deleting old products and services version
  • Converting any digital format into text and symbols
  • Updating your product catalogs regularly
  • Creating new catalogs
  • Revising prices
  • Uploading all your catalog information
  • Gathering information from drawings, maps, etc.
  • Managing document workflow
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) scanning

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